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Fancy a bargain? Then look no further than the Captain's 'Clearance Corner.' All the sweets and chocolate listed here have had massive reductions as they will be short dated or past their best before dates. As you probably know, a product with a best before date that has past is still perfectly safe to consume and fit for consumption, (common sense applies here so no eating that Christmas pud from the bottom of the Titanic!) 

In all seriousness please don't confuse sell by dates (which generally apply to items like fresh produce (milk, fish, fruit etc)) with best before dates. These you should give a wide berth as even our hardy Captain would turn his nose up at a month old Salmon!

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Featured Reviews
28 December 2023  |  Alan

Wonderful product, filling the hole left with the demise of Bassett's Clarnico mint creams. Can't understand why they are not more popular.

Just what my wife ordered
27 December 2023  |  Mike

These were purchased as a gift for my wife who remembered them from her chilhood in Germany some fifty years ago. Her judgement: very good and authentic!

Totally merited 5 stars
26 December 2023  |  Joseph

Searching for these drinks, I accidentally stumbled onto this website. Excellent service and goods arrived promptly and safely. The drink is going down very well. Gladly recommend the drink and Treasure Island Sweets.

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